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House Rules

We have house rules in place for tenants to contribute towards a safe working environment, and not cause inconvenience to neighbours.

General house rules

  1. Keep common areas (including stairways, tree bed etc.), parking lots, loading/ unloading bays clear of obstructions and trade items.
  2. Keep lift lobbies clear of obstructions.
  3. Keep all service ducts clear of items.
  4. Use only goods lifts for transporting of goods and materials.
  5. Park your bicycles at designated bicycle parking points.
  6. Keep your trade production activities confined within your unit and not at common areas.
  7. Maintain proper housekeeping and avoid accumulation of stagnant waters in receptacles and containers (to prevent mosquito breeding).
  8. Load/ unload goods/ materials at designated loading/ unloading bays (and shift your vehicle out of the loading/ unloading bay when there is no active loading/ unloading activity).
  9. Do not place skid tanks/ containers at common areas.
  10. Do not display advertising materials/ stickers/ banners at common areas (e.g. lift walls, common area walls, building facade etc.).
  11. Do not hang laundry outside your unit.
  12. Do not place potted plants along the scupper drains.
  13. Do not place plants or any other items on the window ledge, parapet coping or any other facade of the building.
  14. Do not tap water or electrical supply from common areas.
  15. Do not place vending machines at common areas.

Fire safety

  1. Keep fire-fighting equipment clear of obstructions.
  2. Keep all fire-escape paths and accesses clear of obstructions.
  3. Burn religious incense papers and offerings in burning bins provided at the building’s external areas.
  4. Carry out regular maintenance to exhaust ducts and installed systems.
  5. Do not place combustible materials (e.g. liquid petroleum gas cylinders, diesel tank etc.) at common areas.
  6. Do not place canvas sheets outside your unit.
  7. Do not carry out spray painting or hot works/ welding outside your unit.


  1. Park your vehicle only at designated parking lots.
  2. Keep fire-engine hardstanding clear.
  3. Do not park accident vehicles at non-holding areas.
  4. Do not park vehicles without licence plates within the industrial complex/ estate.
  5. Park vehicle within red box (along driveway fronting workshops) during workshop operating hours only (for motor repair complex).
  6. Do not park at double yellow/ zig-zagged lines.
  7. Do not place items (e.g. cones, chairs etc.) on common parking lots.
  8. Do not place skid tanks/ containers at parking lots without our prior approval.  

Waste disposal

  1. Dispose all your in-house trade wastes in the trade bins allocated (for industrial complexes).
  2. Engage a licenced waste collector to collect and dispose your general and trade waste regularly (for terrace workshops and industrial shops).
  3. Separate your waste and dispose recyclable waste in recycling bins located at the lift lobby’s 1st storey.

Noise control

In order to ensure a safe and conducive environment for all users of the estate, you are advised to observe the National Environment Agency’s guidelines on boundary noise limits for factory premises.

The information presented above is intended to be used as a reference guide only. For all specific and individual situations, you are advised to contact the HDB officer-in-charge of your account or your premises for a pre-consultation.